The sculptural work, properly speaking, consists in the excavation or "discovery" of the eight corners or Vertices of this imaginary inner Cube. The Vertices or points on the surface of the earth where these three-sided pyramids are to be discovered are in the vicinity of the following regions:

Cocos Islands (Australia), and their antipode, Corn Islands (Nicaragua)

Kalahari Desert (Botswana) and the Hawaiian Islands (USA)

Tierra del Fuego (Argentina or Chile) and Lake Baikal (Buryat Republic)

Galicia (Spain or Portugal) and the South Island of New Zealand

The work begins with the precise determination of the exact location of the eight Vertices. Because of the slight error in the sphere of Earth itself, we have enough leeway to choose suitable Vertices. This is based upon their geological or scenic qualities, as well as on any natural and administrative situations that might influence - positively or negatively - this project.

Once the geographical positions of the eight Places are determined, the work involves the excavation of the respective Vertices. Each one will be expressed in the form of a pyramid emerging from the heart of the Earth. Its geometric form is that of a trihedron made up of three right angles. It is constructed of the material that makes up the subsoil of the Place. And its dimensions, as well as the depth of the excavation and the procedures used, are determined by circumstance and by the means available to us in the respective lands or countries.

The orientation and spatial relationship of these Vertices to each other will be, naturally, those of the eight points of a cube. Therefore each Vertex will be a part or outstanding feature of this sculpture, which in its essence is Earth as a whole.

Yet at the same time, each Vertex will have its own personality. Its presence will also render homage to this feature or the specific area of the Earth where it emerges from the subsoil. In this sense, the space immediately surrounding each Pyramid is an essential part of the work and its treatment will be determined by the features and the suggestions offered by each Place. Because of the differences we encounter in the landscapes, climates, cultures or mythologies, the final results for each location will differ markedly among themselves.




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