The sculptural project that we are proposing is a monument to the Earth. It is our offering to the Earth as planet, generous and perfect; and to the Earth as that vast, all-encompassing dimension where concepts such as nation, race, borders or species become meaningless.

The Soul of the World is also an offering to the Goddess. We offer homage to that many-named goddess who appears in all origin myths and who, made fertile by the Sky, engenders and nurtures those who dwell within her. Throughout history, she has been honored by countless peoples as Mother Earth, but her sacred Nature, revered by generations of humanity, has been tragically neglected in our times.

The "Soul of the World" is an ancient philosophical concept found in the thought of many cultures and places that have never had any contact between them. Century after century and in a multitude of forms, it makes its appearance in those fragments of the highest human thought that we possess. This proposal is obviously yet one more expression of that powerful concept, which lets us see - or, rather, remember - that the Earth is a living being, "a great animal," and that it was made by its Creator not only of elementary matter (mater), but of soul (anima). Plato states it thus in the Timaeus: "He gave it a smooth and even body, at all points equidistant from the center, complete and perfect. And in the center of this cosmic body, he set a Soul."




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