The energy and scope of the initial expression of the Soul of the World is opening many other possibilities for the diverse languages of art. Its rich mythological and philosophical foundation, the cultural and physical diversity of the eight regions, the new technologies that have appeared in the past decade, and the very adventure of its construction will stimulate other artistic endeavors that will explore the idea and give even wider range to its expression. These may include books of images and text, sculptures, photography, films, painting and music.
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Rafael Trénor is the creator of The Soul of the World and leads the work on the project. He was born in Valencia, Spain (1946) and resides there and in Menorca. He is co-creator, with J. A. Fernández Ordóñez, of La Esfera Armilar (The Armillary Sphere) which won the 1986 International Ideas Competition for the Seville World's Fair. Other works have included The Nine Planets (1984), Pyramid of Pluto (1985), Obelisque of the Light (1986), Labyrinth of Venus (1988), Earth's Arch (1990), The House of the Sky (1998), The Great Tetrahedron (2001), Axis Mundi (2003) and Balinsiya's Celestial Globe (2006). He began work on The Soul of the World in 1988.



Juan Enrique Almeida Castro is a builder born in Badajoz and living in Menorca, Spain. He has worked on most of Rafael Trénor's projects for the last 30 years, sculpting, making models and buildings, etc. He is responsible for the excavation and construction aspects of The Soul of the World.


Alberto Gutierrez is an influential Colombian artist who spent much of his adult life living in Spain's Balearic Islands. His work has been shown at the Guggenheim Museum, the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts, the National Gallery of Canada, Americana de Arte, Cordoba, Berliner Festwochen, Berlin, Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico, with other shows in Bogota, Wellington, Paris, San Francisco, Madrid, Copenhagen, Caracas and elsewhere. He was painter of the planets for the maquette of Rafael Trénor's La Esfera Armilar. Over the past several years he created a series of paintings based on The Soul of the World and will continue to do so as the project progresses.






Arthur Bloch is a writer, television producer, photographer and website designer. He has authored 10 books, including the best-selling Murphy's Law books which have been translated and published in more than 40 countries. He has produced and directed more than 450 programs in the Thinking Allowed public television series and has designed more than 140 websites for artists, scientists, businesses and organizations. He has designed this website with Rafael Trénor and collaborated in Corn Island's Corner taking pictures and making the documentary "Corn Island 2006".,


Josef MarcJosef Marc is a musician , composer and a broadcast systems architect at Ascent Media Systems & Technology Services, a subsidiary of Discovery Holding Company. In 1986 he composed an instrumental suite called The Nine Planets inspired by Rafael Trénor’s Los Nueve Planetas, a monument to the Solar System and a limited-edition marble sculpture. In 1989, before the Internet was popular, Josef wrote a technical feasibility study for interconnecting the eight sites of The Soul of the World with a ‘Space Bridge.’ “The Soul of the World can be connected in real-time so that it may be seen and heard from any point in the earthly biosphere using those 'stars' (artificial satellites) ... in the service of an essentially poetic activity."


José Obregón is an architect born in San Sebastian, Spain, and living in Majorca. He studied with Josep Luis Sert at Harvard University and later became a disciple of Luis Kahn. He has lived and worked in the United States, Spain, Colombia, Italy, France and Germany, and his work can be found in twelve countries. His role in The Soul of the World will be as architect and advisor.

Jose Obregon


Bill Kapuni, grandson of the Kahuna (priest and healer) Tutu Ili, lives with his familly in Moloka'i. He is a Ka'lai La'au (sculptor) and a kumu (teacher) in the school of Kaunakakai. He also builds powerful drums and immense canoes such as those used by the islanders to cross the Pacific Ocean. He was creating and building with Rafael Trénor, the Hawaian vertex of The Soul of the World. This corner, first of the project, is facing the ocean in Kalama Ula Mauka.

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